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TVVL promotes scientific research and technology in the domain of buildings and similar properties. Technical consultants, installation engineers, scientific researchers, building owners, students and architects all profit from the technical knowledge and experience and the extensive network which they can access through TVVL. 

TVVL undertakes various activities to propagate knowledge and experience in the industry. We organize regional meetings, lectures, professional courses and conferences and publish handbooks and our monthly TVVL Magazine. 


Beyond Smart Cities

TVVL has chosen the meta theme ‘Beyond Smart Cities’ for 2016-2020, in 2017 the focus will be on WATER. Worldwide many people are choosing to live in cities, for different reasons, living relatively close together on a small area of land. The city needs to be set up in a clever and compact way. Not only as far as planning goes, but also regarding safety, nutrition, energy, water, waste stream, etc. 

A smart city is a city where people live together in an energetic way, creating and applying their own solutions. For example; enterprising people, using smart technology can create a more efficient system of supply and demand for the use of renewable energy. 

Apart from being smart, a compact city offers advantages regarding the preservation of the environment. Efficient use of available space will reduce running costs of, for instance, infrastructure, drainage, etc. A change in human behavior in these developments is essential.

TVVL will be involved in the development of the smart city. Because of the WATER theme in 2017, the TVVL Expert Group Sanitary Techniques* has put the 43th International Symposium of CIB W062 'Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings' on the agenda.

TVVL Expert Group Sanitary Techniques

* The TVVL Expert Group Sanitary Techniques is a community which focuses on doing sientific research on the field of Sanitation for Buildings. For years Walter van der Schee has visited the CIB W062 Symposiums. He is also part of the TVVL Expert Group Sanitary Techniques and he is the essential initiator of TVVL as organising committee for the CIB W062 Symposium of 2017 in the Netherlands. More information about this community is only available in Dutch